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Who Are We?

We are a team of legends thinking out of the box that value deeply our time of living.

Not to mention that we are also:
⁃ Creative, multi-skilled with a problem solving mind/attitude
⁃ Honest, polite, well educated & demonstrate an understanding for current global issues at all levels.
⁃ Passion for environment & sustainability
⁃ Excellent communication skills
⁃ Ability to work alone and as part of a team
⁃ Ability to follow procedures
⁃ Take a high level of responsibility for your tasks
⁃ Initiative
⁃ Desire to learn new methods
⁃ Willing to work with second hand materials
⁃ Ability to communicate with clients on site
⁃ A strong commitment to health, safety and the environment
⁃ Excellent organisational skills
⁃ High attention to detail

* Our working approach *

We work in collaboration with homeowners, owner builders and business owners where they pay for our time of work (including labouring, managing, consulting) and materials only.

(Owners are encouraged to organise materials or do some work themselves if they have the time)

We set up open estimated budgets, work on stages if necessary and send the bill at the end of each week with the total of working hours per person and the total amount for materials.

At “Sustainable Tradies” we all work on casual basis and hold an ABN. We work on average 6 hrs per day and one day off per week is desirable.

Our rates vary depending on individual skills: 

- Apprentice/Labourer
- Builder’s Labourer (Experienced Labourer)
- Handyman
- Experienced Multi tradesperson (Trade background)
- Drafter
- Experienced Qualified Tradesman
- LicensedTradesmen (Plumber/Electrician)
- Builder/supervisor - Project manager - Consultant

“Sustainable Tradies” only charges an extra $17.50 p/h on top of each member's hourly rates + GST.


"I have a personal interest in sustainability and a drive to help to change the economic system from a linear produce-consume-waste model to a more natural cyclical model that is self-sufficient and sustains the new generations"

"Roberto Figueroa"


Make your design ideas reality.
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