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Design Button Creating Sustainable Homes

Clients who choose designButton for their sustainable building design are benefiting from the knowledge and expertise of the highly creative building designer Pernille Stent.

Terra Design Lab

Terra Design Lab is a fresh design studio that offers creative, one-off Residential and Commercial design with a focus on sustainability.

Using local, natural, low waste materials, Terra Design Lab specializes in solar passive design solutions which appreciate traditional techniques as well as innovative technologies, with the aim of achieving high energy performance and well-being of living.

 terra design lab 

 sustainable house design 

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Moss Johnson, Wandoo Design & Construction

A small building company specialising is low impact, low toxicity, passive solar construction, as well as heritage restoration and additions.

The Henry Project

The Henry Project provides opportunities for multiple households to share use and ownership of a single dwelling. Each household would be able to live independently, with some shared facilities. The basic premise is that by living together we can live better: living together provides better affordability and better social connection. The Henry Project is led by architect Meriam Salama, providing the expertise to adapt existing homes.


Living Smart 

Doing a Living Smart course will help you to establish a sustainable household through lifestyle practices and technology choices. From saving energy and water to establishing a low waste system home starting with your purchases through to your separation system, we provide guidance to help you steer a path to a healthier, happier, low impact lifestyle. Living Smart Coordinator Steph Jenning.


Sealasash specialises in restoring, refurbishing and upgrading old timber windows and doors. We pride ourselves in being a sustainable and affordable option for people with old houses. Sealing draughts has a huge impact on air leakage in a house which in turn reduces energy costs and comfort of the home. 
Services we offer include: draught sealing, timber repairs, re-glazing and painting.




Perth Environmental Plumbing

Specialising in hydronic heating, cooling and hot water systems, Air to water and Geothermal Heat Pump systems and other environmental plumbing solutions, with over 20 years experience. With a range of products and services, Perth Environmental Plumbing are an agent Stiebel Eltron, the best Hydronic Heat Pumps available in Australia. Based in  North Fremantle.

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