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Eco Tradesmen Handymen Services

Local, Experienced and Reliable
Fencing / Decking / Screning
Decking around Trees
fence with salvaged materials
Fence with recycled materials
bamboo fence

A combination of second hand and brand new materials. Usually structural timbers like joists, bearers and posts will be salvaged Jarrah. In other occasions second hand materials may be available from the work-site or from previous demolitions and/or renovations.  

Repairs /
Restorations /
Balcony renovation
bathroom renovation
demolition's waste sorted
moroccan tiles
back studio
Demolitions Fremantle
kitchen renovation

In Restorations, the removed materials are sorted and reused when possible. In renovations, second hand and new materials are combined. When designing, it is important to consider the size of the materials to be used. In this way, we aim to reduce any excessive waste of building materials.

Garden Beds / Compost
Create a permanent edible or native garden to your own design, suitable to the space available. Save on the cost of buying new materials and have your own food source! Garden beds can be made from different material sources and usually from repurposed  materials.
Outdoor/Indoor Rustic Furniture
Made by hand with recycled, second hand, local hardwood timber. No chemicals. Beautiful relaxing natural wood smell.
Comfortable, heavy duty and long life.

Chickens are a great way to reuse your food scraps and divert them from landfill, significantly reducing your greenhouse gas (methane) impact. You also get fresh, organic eggs everyday, saving you money, and giving you health benefits.


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