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Our values

Mother Earth is struggling

Most people are aware of the damage that has been done to our planet.

The contribution that the building and construction industry has made is considerable. The construction industry sends tones of reusable and recyclable material to landfill everyday. The energy, water and resources that are wasted in constantly producing new building materials is a travesty. Everyday we follow the same linear produce-consume-waste pattern, perpetuating and compounding the the damage to our environment. Fortunately, there are many things that each one of us can do no matter your income, living spaces or time constraints.


We reuse and recycle different types of construction materials when possible. We limit the materials used to reduce waste and carbon footprint.


We highly encourage adaptive reuse projects that transform old buildings. We source materials from residential and commercial areas including building demolitions, helping to reduce landfill waste. 

 The benefits are numerous!


Preserving natural habitats through removing the need for virgin material. Conserving energy that would otherwise be used in the extraction, production and transport of virgin materials. Reducing landfill waste and pollution.


Food Security: Population is growing rapidly and our local climate is getting hotter and dryer every year. It is important that we are able to know how to create good soils, grow our own food and reduce waste.


By reusing materials, reducing waste, encouraging people to grow their own food affordably, we believe we are meeting the principles of sustainability; triple bottom line benefit to Society, Environment and Economy


We live in one of the richest countries in the world, however the gap between the rich and the poor increases everyday, poverty keeps growing and social and economical differences are quite remarkable.

Our alternative working approach that highly encourage clients to offer an active participation on projects, allows us to offer affordable prices.

By helping our clients to set up a more self sufficient lifestyle, we are helping them to save money now and into the future.


The more we recover and reuse products and materials instead of throwing them away, the less impact we have on our environment and the more sustainable our production and consumption practices become.

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