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At Sustainable Tradies we understand what it takes to make your home design ideas reality and we offer a number of services required when undertaking a home renovation project. We use traditional and modern sustainable building practices to bring back to life your home whilst retaining its particular character. Renovating a home takes patience, willingness, trust, skills and lots of experience and each project will bring their own challenges therefore it is important to have a solid team on your side

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Fremantle - Beach home improvement  

Another outstanding renovation work by Sustainable Tradies working in collaboration with home owners as usual.


Features of this work: 

- Repurposed and restored second hand wooden doors 

- Repurposed hardwood roof timber from demolitions 

- Polished/sanded wooden floors and oiled with natural products. 

- Restored window frames 

- Socially sustainable: Clients paying directly for labour and materials only without the usual hidden profits & margins that bigger companies include in every single item

The Eco Box Studio

The eco box studio was built with almost everything repurposed or recycled ! The beauty is in the simplicity ! A great example of reusing materials.​

Sustainability features of this work:​​

- Floor joists: repurposed from demolition hardwood roof timber.

- Second hand jarrah windows

- Shower screen 10mm turned into a window with repurposed timber

- Second hand French doors

- Second hand jarrah/glass door

- Stud frames: repurposed from demolition hardwood roof timber.

- Outdoor cladding: repurposed old shed roof sheets, hardiflex and weatherboards offcuts from building sites, pavers

- Insulation: earth wool (left overs from other jobs)

- Architraves and skirting: repurposed decking boards.

- low embodied energy materials

- limestone garden edge/walls

Butcher shop into a Wellness centre

Transforming a Butcher shop into a Chiropractic Clinic !!

Features of this project:

- Designed as simple as possible by us the people building it, taking into account the size of materials at all times reducing building waste considerably

- Economically sustainable: Working in collaboration with owners where they pay for labour and materials only, without the usual hidden profits & margins that bigger companies include in every single item, making transparency and honesty a safe environment for workers, which is reflected in the finished product and reduces the overall project cost significantly.

- Existing ceiling and floor tiles kept to reduce cost and general building waste. 

- Transforming an old shop in stead of building a new one.

Tiny House - Shed Transformation

Some of the main features of this Tiny house project are:

- 3 x restored 100 year old sash windows


- Custom made Recycled jarrah benchtops

- Restored second hand French doors

- Handmade stain glass window

- Architraves with repurposed second hand hardwood timber

- Benches and cabinets structures with repurposed second hand hardwood timber

- All cabinets doors with

recycled/salvaged second hand jarrah floorboards

Low Embodied Energy Materials

Another great example on how to reuse materials !!

- Most of the limestone came from the same site

- Rubble walls (concrete, rock, pavers)

- Recycled bricks for paving

- Deck joists: repurposed salvaged hardwood roof timber

- Decking boards: Repurposed second hand Wandoo floorboards

Landscaping with Bene Big Jobs

Another great outcome:

- Garden beds

- Compost beds

- Chicken house

Ensuite - Garage conversion

Working in collaboration with home owners where the pay for the time of work and materials only without any hidden cost.

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