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Bienvenidos !!

Hi there! My name is Roberto Figueroa I was born in Chile, South America and have been living in Australia for 12 years. Most of this time I’ve been studying and working and now am raising my family in Western Australia.


When I was in my last year of Environmental Science and Sustainable Development at Murdoch University, I crossed paths with Ben Alpers (Carpenter/Project Manager) sharing some sustainability units.


At the time, Ben was involved in a high profile sustainable housing project for environmental scientist Josh Byrne

This project invloved two, 10 star energy efficient family homes in the Fremantle suburb of Hilton.


I came on board as a trades assistant in various aspects of construction (Pergolas, decking, fence screening, plumbing, Landscape construction, etc.) and it was here in July 2013, where I created the name and concept of Sustainable Tradies.

However, it wasn’t until the following year when I had the privilege to meet "Tim & Shani" from Ecoburbia and work in their sustainable house alongside Tim, Shani, John, Yarick & Irene, Paul and again, Ben, where the name and concept of Sustainable Tradies became consolidated.   


"I have a personal interest in sustainability and a drive to help to change the economic system from a linear produce-consume-waste model to a more natural cyclical model that is self-sufficient and sustains the new generations"

"Roberto Figueroa".

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