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Eco  Tradesmen 

Handymen Fremantle

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An Experienced and Reliable Eco Tradesman/Handyman Service


- Repairs, Restorations & Renovations


- Pergolas, Fencing, Decking & Screening

- Outdoor/Indoor Rustic Furniture


- Shops/Cafes Retrofits


- Native, Eco Urban, Mediterranean, Vegetable & Verge  Gardens

- Chook Pens, Compost Beds, Garden Beds & Worm Farms

- Reticulation, Water Ponds & Grey Water Systems


We Offer....



Globally, current building practices are well known for being unsustainable and Perth is not the exception.


Sustainable Tradies has emerged as a response to the excessive waste of construction materials in the local building industry.


By reusing materials, creating products from waste, encouraging people to grown their own food and providing "affordable prices", we believe we are meeting the priciples of sustainability: A combined benefit to Social, Environmental & Economic bottom lines.



By using the principles of "Permaculture" and building with repurposed materials, we are able to use our creativity and imagination to give products a second life or a new function. We support a more circular economy and a more self-sufficient life style


We prioritise the community by:


  • Providing an affordable price


  • Encouraging people to reduce their waste, reuse materials, grow their own food, keep chickens


  • We encourage the community to BECOME MORE SELF-SUFFICIENT


  • Providing opportunity for participatation, including people in social disadvantage

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