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Sustainable Tradies Kitchen

An Eco-minded building approach

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Leading in Social Sustainability

Sustainable Tradies has been reinventing their local building industry by providing eco-friendly services with a socially sustainable approach. They offer number of services including  restorations, renovations, pergolas, decking and much more while reducing the overall waste that usually comes from constructions.

Sustainable Tradies is able to provide for both their customers and the environment by reusing materials, and encouraging sustainable practices for their clients. With their help, their customers can reduce their eco-footprint at an affordable rate!

Our values


We repurpose and reuse materials reducing landfill waste and pollution.

We aim to conserve energy

and reduce the need to consume virgin, non renewable, natural resources


Population is growing rapidly and our local climate is getting hotter and dryer every year. It is important that we are able to know how to create good soils. grow our own food and reduce waste.


We live in one of the richest countries in the world, however the gap between the rich and the poor increases everyday, poverty keeps growing and social and economical differences are quite remarkable...


The more we recover and reuse products and materials instead of throwing them away, the less impact we have on our environment and the more sustainable our production and consumption practices become.

Satisfied Customers

“An excellent team that reuses materials to create beautiful and functional furniture. They built our granny flat and were happy to research and study how to recycle our 100 yr old sash windows. They left the work area clean when they had finished and were happy to come back to fix things that weren’t quite right, free of charge. Quotes are at the top end but the work reflected this”


“Fabulous experience with this group: great ideas, workmanship, flexibility and use of used/recycling resources. I really like the weekly accounts and procuring as much of the hardware as I can. They also play great music while working. Very happy with my bathroom reno”

Alison Bartlett 

“I cannot recommend these guys higher. I had a deck and pergola built out of recycled materials, some I had collected and ones the guys sourced. Incredibly fast, creative and the attention to detail is next to none. They have been able to make it look like these new additions have been there forever and with no disruptions to existing gardens/infrastructure.I will definitely be getting the guys back again. Thanks Simone, Sam and Roberto” 

Jodie Vennitti 

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