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Find your Eco-minded Tradesman / Handyman and other professional members of the building industry with our Directory of trusted professionals...
Lenny Van Den Haak
Landscaper/Stone mason master

Lenny from Boobook Landscaping has been doing landscaping around Fremantle for more than 15 years, specialising in Limestone retaining walls, Feature walls, Paving, Water features, frog ponds, and Native gardens. Lenny has been doing landscapes for ABC garden-guru Sabrina Hahn and several gardens he designed have featured on “Gardening Australia”. Lenny is also passionate about revegetation of Australian native landscapes and helps to run an event every year where thousands of trees are planted in the wheat belt. Phone: 0432 502 416 Email:

Roberto Figueroa
Environmental Constructor

Graduated from Murdoch University in Environmental Science and Sustainable Development, 10 years of local tradesman experience in the residential building and construction industry and now with a recently finished Diploma of Building and Construction (builders registration)Roberto has finally consolidated his concept idea combining these three areas of knowledge introducing Sustainable Tradies !! Roberto aims to use alternative building methods of construction to transform existing buildings and create more self-sufficient spaces for the community. He’s also a keen surfer, nature lover that enjoys partying, dancing and playing djembe drums next to a fire. Phone: 0434 027 860 Email:

Manuela Gioia
Principle Architect

Manuela Graduated at Florence University in 2005 and has since worked as an architect for several high profile firms in Italy, Spain and Australia before founding Terra Design Lab. Manuela believes that designers and architects have a responsibility to create beatiful, comfortable and functional spaces that the planet can afford. Phone: 0423 593 364 Email:

Helmuth Stockmann
Creative Fine Art Woodworker

Helmuth's passion is in Sustainable Living and he currently lives with his wife Eugenie in The Green Swing’s first completed project, in a straw bale home, that has won many awards including Most Sustainable Home in WA 2014 and features in the Government’s "Your Home" guide to sustainable homes. He is particularly passionate about making beautiful furniture from recycled timbers and has completed several fine art woodworking courses. In his spare time, he is a beekeeper and actively involved in beautifying his street by revegetating drainage sumps and maintaining a community food forest. Phone: 0426 791 971 Email:

Pernille Stent
Building Designer

Pernille is a highly creative designer with a decade of experience in sustainable design for the residential market. She specialises in passive solar and energy efficient design with involvement in projects now on the ground nationally as well as a couple of public projects. Her interest in architecture and the built form led her to study building design at TAFE, completing the HIA Greensmart course, the MBAs Green Living. Apart from having previously worked for various builders she was mentored by one of Perth’s leading designers for 8 years, before starting design Button with her husband. Website: Email:

Simon Pawley
Sustainable Outdoors Services

Simon has been in the landscaping business for the past 15 years. Since setting up his business in 2004, Sustainable Outdoors' main focus has been in water-wise verge and backyard gardens that feature hardy and attractive native species. He has also been working with Chris Ferrera on The Forever Project, a multi-award winning organisation with a team of sustainability experts  dedicated to inspiring and empowering community to work towards a sustainable future. When he's not busy planting trees, Simon enjoys surfing and playing with his son. Website: Email:

Tomas Photo.jpg
Tomas Morera
Landscaper/Sustainable Gardens

Tomas has been in the landscaping and gardening industry for the last 10 years. Starting in Sydney and after moving to Perth he has worked for top landscape companies around the metro area. With this experience, he has opened his own company called Sustainable Gardens. At Sustainable Gardens, the purpose is to create something much more than a collection of plants. Tomas wants to create a community of plants and bring birds, pollinators, and other wildlife (including those in the soil, water and air) that work together to form a cohesive, balanced system... an ecosystem. Phone: 0490 468 415 Email:

Wilfredo Castillo
Gardener/General Handyman

Willfredo can be described as a reliable and trustworthy person, always trying to complete all set tasks to the best of his abilities. He’s a mature person who has a great safety attitude, he works well under pressure and has the skills to work alone or as part of a team. Wilfredo not only has a Tradesman background, but he also has certificates in Horticulture and Farm Technology and a Bachelor of Applied Science in Social Ecology. At home, he’s passionate about the production of artisanal organic honey and permaculture. Website: 0448 648 194 Email:

Dominique Chanovre
Owner/Operator at Garden

Dominique has been working in the Permaculture field for the past 6 years. He has worked for a number of organizations including Perth City Farm, Great Gardens, and the Urban Orchard project with Josh Byrne. He designs and installs your garden and is passionate about educating for sustainability and productive gardens under his small business Garden Revolution. Garden Revolution's aim is to change the home garden and transform it into a glorious productive space of edible and/or native plants. Phone: 0407 219 291 Email:

John The Digger
Owner/Operator at The Small Earth Movers 

John has been a machine operator for over 20 years and has a huge variety experience from building Rammed Earth Houses to digging Cellars and Pools. He is well known for his fine tune precision work, his honesty and reliability. John the digger’s passion for reusing it’s outstanding, exposed to a number of reusable items through the years he has developed an eye to salvage pretty much everything and that mindset where nothing is waste. At home, he’s also passionate about engines and wheels. Website: 0421 670 081 Email:


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