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Our values

The contribution that the building and construction industry has made is considerable. The construction industry sends tones of reusable and recyclable material to landfill everyday. The energy, water and resources that are wasted in constantly producing new building materials is a travesty. Everyday we follow the same linear produce-consume-waste pattern, perpetuating and compounding the the damage to our environment. Fortunately, there are many things that each one of us can do no matter your income, living spaces or time constraints.

Image by Jørgen Larsen


We reuse different types of construction materials that are still in good condition but unfortunately are wasted and sent to landfill. We create products and repair from waste. We reuse materials when possible, from residential and commercial building waste and from verge collections. From here we can obtain a significant number of reusable items and turn any kind of waste in something useful. Preserving natural habitats through removing the need for virgin material. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions of methane by helping you divert your household food waste from landfill to home compost.


Food Security: Population is growing rapidly and our local climate is getting hotter and dryer every year. It is important that we are able to know how to create good soils, grow our own food and reduce waste. By reusing materials, reducing waste, encouraging people to grow their own food affordably, we believe we are meeting the principles of sustainability; triple bottom line benefit to Society, Environment and Economy.



We live in one of the richest countries in the world, however the gap between the rich and the poor increases everyday, poverty keeps growing and social and economical differences are quite remarkable. By using second hand-recycled materials and waste we can offer affordable construction prices for the local community. By helping you set up a more self sufficient lifestyle, we are helping you to save money now and into the future.


When creating products from waste, building garden beds, compost, worm farms and chook pens, we are reducing a considerable amount of waste, especially food scraps. Chickens will go through most of your food scraps the rest can go in the compost and worm farm to build the soil for your garden bed.

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