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About Sustainable Tradies

Sustainable Tradies is an Eco Tradesmen/Handymen Service that has emerged as a response to the excessive waste of resources that exits in local industries and households. " Our mission is to provide a product/service in which the community and the environment are the priority ".


We Prioritise The Environment By

Reusing different types of construction materials that are still in good conditions but unfortunately are wasted and sent to landfill. Creating products and repairing from waste, sourcing some of the materials from residential and commercial waste, salvaged yards and verge collections. From here we can obtain a significant number of reusable items and turn any kind of waste in something useful.

Conserving energy and reducing the need to consume more primary natural resources. In conclusion, by reusing materials, creating products from waste, encouraging people to grown their own food and providing "affordable prices". We believe we are meeting the principles of sustainability and the triple bottom line (Social-Environmental-Economic). This is a sustainable business model. We take sustainability seriously throughout each facet of the business and we are proud to have best environmental practice at heart and encourage the community to become more self-sufficient.


To do this possible we make sure that our teams of Tradies and handymen are eco-minded people with a great passion for sustainability and environment. If you need some work done or if you think you are a sustainable tradie and would like to be part of the team do not hesitate in contact us at

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